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22nd April 2014

Management of The Chapter website is handed over by the current Webmaster, Dave O’Hara, to the Chapter to run directly.

14th April 2014

Revisions made to make the layout clearer, with important links moved to more prominent positions on the webpage, and page titles made more descriptive for search engine optimisation.

4th February 2014

A new RSS feed has been added to allow the latest posts from the Ferryhill section of the North East Forum to be seen. You can find this in the right hand margin. Clicking on the title of any of the posts will take you to the forum where you’ll be able to sign up and reply to the comment yourself, or start a new discussion, as well as post in any other section of the North East Forum. You can of course comment on any issue of the Chapter at the Chapter website as well.

12th December 2013

New website set up for The Ferryhill and Chilton Chapter. The old site was becoming hard to manage, particularly at year end. The new site makes it easier to handle the media associated with the site, and housekeeping is also simplified.

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