Chapter Issue 692 – September 12th 2014

Chapter 692 September 12th 2014



  • Chilton brothers run for charity
  • The fun starts again at St Luke’s
  • Charity Concert
  • Ferryhill in Bloom winners’ presentation
  • Fundraising at Chilton Club
  • Courses available at Chilton College
  • Ringing the changes
  • Due in court
  • Thousands urged to get online and register to vote
  • Quarry extension gets the go-ahead
  • Just the golden ticket for dog owners
  • Bishop Middleham businessman ordered to re-pay £93,000
  • 50th School Reunion
  • Summer Fair
  • Postal changes
  • Tenant wrecked rented home after receiving eviction bid
  • Garden waste collections 2015
  • New ways ahead for local services?
  • Healthwatch
  • Bad light stops play at Mainsforth
  • Derby day win

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