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Politics A forum to discuss local politics, European politics and anything to do with Government. This is normally the board that all the good arguments start in, so if you want to spar with the edgiest people on the boards, chances are you'll find 'em in 'ere.

Useful Links The useful links page is designed for posting details and url of any sites which may be of use to the users of this forum, but don't fit anywhere else.

Ask Mr. Crun A new section where our popular Agony Uncle, Mr. Crun, will answer all your questions. Mr. Crun is an expert in Hyperbolics and Underwater Badminton, so he's well qualified to solve your problems. Give him try, i'm sure he'll fix it for you.

Food/Eating Out Do you have any recommendations for Pubs and Pub Grub? Is there anywhere you've had a really bad meal and want to warn the world? What about your fave recipes? Recommendations for good pies and sausages are always well received..... and what about diets? Any great successes or horror stories?

Gambling Gambling takes many shapes and forms, and with the Government intending to relax the Gambling laws it may become a more respected industry. Any systems, tips or experience can be shared here.

Humour/Jokes What makes you laugh? A place to tell your jokes and have some fun. There's so many jokes and senses of humour in the world that you'll find something that makes you chuckle here. If not, post something!

Music Discussion Post about your favourite group, best singer, worst band, etc. Are you in a local band you want to promote? Post a gig guide, concert review or anything else music related. Let us know here what's going on.

Pubs/Beer Really a spin off from the Eating out board. This is for people who like drinking. Drinking is a legitimate pastime for some and there are many fine pubs around the North East to do it in. Give us some tips of the best watering holes and worst dives you can muster. I'll be the one investigating the view from the bar .....

TV and Films For the discussion of your favourite TV programmes and maybe recommendations of the best films you've seen. Are you sick of reality TV? Should there be more of your type of programmes? Who is the worst actor you've ever seen and why?

Genealogy/Family History This is the place to put your family history stuff. You may be just starting out on the long obsessive route to prove you are in fact descended from Vlad the Impaler, or you may be a grizzled veteran of the Death Certificate, but all are welcome.

Local History Anything to do with the local history of County Durham and the North East of England. Facts, myths, legends, stories, questions, websites etc. If you posted about the Lambton Worm for instance, this would be where it would go.

Resources/Links Details of websites/resources of help to the family historian in NE England should be posted here. If you have a hidden gem hidden away in your Favourites folder, please post it here and save us all from the same toil.

Bishop Auckland/West Auckland/Shildon Anything to do with the Aucklands, or the historic railway town of Shildon.

Darlington/Newton Aycliffe Anything to do with Darlington/Newton Aycliffe or the surrounding areas. Darlo is a Quaker town in the south of the region, famous for being at one end of the Stockton to Darlington railway. Darlington FC can be discussed here, too. Newton Aycliffe is a newtown that has one of the biggest industrial parks in The North East.

Durham/Chester-le-Street Posts concerning the historic city of Durham and Chester-le-Street. Durham is a fantastic place, with the Cathedral and Castle dominating the skyline for miles around. It's also a very good place to go out on the pop. Chester-le-Street, a few miles north has an excellent market and dates from Roman times.

Ferryhill/Spennymoor/Chilton/West Cornforth Anything to do with Spennymoor, Ferryhill, Chilton or surrounding areas. These old pit villages have a story or two to tell and even have their own local newspapers. Share your views and yarns here.

Newcastle/Tyneside/Tynedale The obligatory Geordie board for happenings on both sides of the Tyne. The Toon has a worldwide reputation as a party city, but also has a long and colourful history. Newcastle United topics also welcome here.

Sedgefield/Fishburn/Trimdon What's going on in the Sedgefield, Fishburn and Trimdon areas. This is Tony Blair's constituency and the people around here tend to be fierce Labour supporters. Fishburn used to have a smelly Coke works, but is now a much nicer place to live.

Sunderland/Wearside/Weardale Anything at all to do with Sunderland and the Wearside area, including Sunderland FC. Sunderland has recently become a city and has a fantastic sea front development and is also home to the famous Glassworks. Everything is painted red and white!

Teesside/Hartlepool/Teesdale Any Tees-side, Middlesbrough, Stockton or Hartlepool gossip goes here. The town that hung the monkey now has a posh Marina, but the people still sound like scousers. Discuss Middlesbrough and Hartlepool football here too.

Other Areas Any other posts that don't quite fit in to the areas above.

Broadband Discussion of everthing relating to ADSL broadband. Which are the best or worst ISP's? Any questions? Maybe you are thinking of buying but don't know diddly-squat about it. Let the broadband gurus guide you (and the people here).

Gaming Gaming tips, favourites, reviews, etc. Tell us about your favourite games, cheat codes, high scores, worst game ever bought. How do you get games to run faster? Best consoles, top tips, etc, etc.

Tips, Sites and Software Use this forum to post useful tips, links to other useful sites/programs, or problems you may want solved. If you have had a problem with your PC, chances are someone else may be able to help.

Technical This is the forum for technical discussion, queries about hardware, problems with both hardware and software. Ask here and someone just might know the answer.

Photos Keen on photography? Anxious to show it to the world? You can post it here. Maybe we'll have a best photo competition soon if we get enough photographers interested.

Requests for Photos Are there any particular areas of the North East of England that you'd like to see? It may be a personal thing, a house you used to live in, or some research for your Family History project. If you have any requests, please leave them here. Replies to the original post please.

Rogues Gallery Have any photographs of yourself that you'd like to share with us? Want to keep the kids off the fire? Do you think you look like somebody famous? Post it up and let us be the judge (and jury and executioner).

Fitness/Health Are you a fitness freak who spends hours a day in the gym honing your magnificent physique or a couch potato desperately trying to find the motivation to get there. Whether you are into Weight Training, Pilates, Karate, Bodybuilding, Aeorbics or any combination of these, please use this board to discuss your techniques, tips, successes or failures.

Disability Issues A board for people with disabilities of any kind. Maybe you are newly disabled and are coping badly and need some advice, or just have questions you'd like to ask others. Do you have difficulty with access into local buildings or sites? Do able-bodied people treat you differently? Can you suggest tips which may make life easier? This is your place.

Cricket Cricket - the crack of willow and smell of linseed. The English summer game that americans don't understand at all and can't play is here. Especially satisfying at the moment is we seem to be quite good at it.

Fellwalking/Rambling Do you like to roam the countryside, climbimg rugged mountains and hills, or just wandering country trails. Share it here. Whether you're a mountain goat or a valley shuffler, there's space for you all here. Tell us where the good pubs are!

Fishing Supposedly the largest participant sport in the UK, post here for all things fishy. It's also possibly the only legitimate reason in the world to walk about in giant rubber trousers.

Football General football talk, including the lower leagues, non-league football, european etc. Come on all you women, explain the offside rule to us blokes. We need to know how it works.

Golf A forum for the players and spectators of the Royal and Ancient game of golf. Supposedly played for centuries by men in silly trousers, this remains one of man's greatest excuses to 'get out of the house' (apart from fishing).

Motoring/Motorsport Most folks drive, or ride a bike, or maybe go to watch motorsport or classic cars. Had any spectacular crashes or incidents? Need to get that road rage off your chest? If it's your pigeon ....

Other Sports & Pastimes For those of you into other stuff other than footie and cricket or any of the other sports that have their own category. Ferret Racing?, Clay Pigeon Shooting perhaps?

Pets Corner Are you a pet lover? Do you have the more common domestic pets like dogs and cats or something more exotic like Snakes, Chipmunks, Hedgehogs. Have you any tips to pass on about pet care, training or funny stories about your pet.

General Weather Discussion Wonder why your garden has been washed away? Have you seen something worth reporting? Maybe you run your own weather station in the North East.

Monthly Weather Reports Reports of Monthly weather from around the region. If you run a weather station, post your monthly summaries here. We can then collate them all and establish if we're all frying together or about to be washed out to sea.

Weather Photos A place to store all those photos of clouds and snow that no one else finds interesting!

Accomodation For Sale/Rent If you want to sell or rent your house and do it as cheaply as possible, you might want to consider posting an ad here as another possible avenue.

Articles Wanted Looking for something in particular that someone might have for sale? Post your wants ad here. This forum is read not only by local people but by people all over the world. Try it!

Jobs An area for local employers to advertise job vacancies. If you are presently out of work, or are just looking for a career change, try this section. If you're an employer in the North East, consider advertising here.

Private For Sale Ads The virtual North East Car Boot Sale!. If you have anything you wish to sell privately, post it here. You never know what people will buy, so have a rake around in the loft and garage.

Suggestions Any suggestions for new categories, improvements, etc. We'll consider all suggestions, but please back up why you think it's a good idea. "If you start a board about Moose, all my Canadian mates will sign up" will probably work...

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